Aloe Vera is not new to the skincare or haircare world. It works well for all skin and hair related  problems. Aloe Vera gel which is enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E contributes to cell turn over, promotes healthy hair growth, and gives you shiny hair. The presence of vitamin B12 and  folic acid in Aloe Vera gel helps to get rid of hair loss. Due to the presence of these vitamins, it  toils to repair your hair from sun damage. When compared to the other chemical hair products,  Aloe Vera gel will be gentle and safeguard the originality of your hair. It cleanses the hair  follicles astoundingly and wipes off all the extra sebum (oil) and reduces the impact of other hair  products when you use Aloe Vera gel on hair. 

Uses of Aloe Vera gel for hair: 

· Aloe Vera gel works as a great natural hair conditioner 

· It moisturizes the scalp and gives frizzy free hair 

· It also aids in making your hair strong, healthy, and easily manageable 

· Reduces the scalp inflammation and eliminates dandruff which in turn promotes hair growth · It strengthens the root which results in long, strong, and frizz-free hair 

A tip for applying Aloe Vera gel on hair: 

Take enough amount of Aloe Vera gel and apply it by rubbing into your scalp and hair and allow  it to penetrate to your hair follicles. By doing this it could improve the condition and prevent damage as well as dry hair. Allow it to sit for an hour and rinse the gel-off by using a mild shampoo. It can be even used as a conditioner for your hair after shampoo washing. For best results, apply it twice a week for your hairs. 


Aloe Vera gel is generally packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. which helps in providing many benefits in the world of skincare and hair care. 

Other ingredients might include Aloe Vera leaf juice, Acrylates, Panthenol, Sodium Hydroxide,  and Benzoic acid. 


The best brands Aloe Vera gel for hair loss should serve the purposes of hair related benefits as  follows: 

∙ Many of us might have itchy scalp which may lead to heavy hair loss at hot summer days.  The use of Aloe Vera gel should possess the capability of reducing those itchy scalps ∙ Oily hairs can be deep cleaned by the application of Aloe Vera gel 

∙ The hair strands might be weakened due to the lack of sufficient nutrients in the food intake. The Aloe Vera gel when applied will make the hairs strengthened and repair it  from the roots 

∙ The blood circulation and the ability of the hairs tend to increase by the regular use of  Aloe Vera gel for hair growth 


Multi-purpose Aloe Vera gel acts as a cooling agent that works well for sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini regions. Aloe Vera gel can be a great substitute for shaving cream or gels.  It will be gentle on the skin and ensures a smooth shave, also moisturizes the skin. Due to the presence of antiseptic property, it heals nicks and cuts that occur while shaving. Aloe Vera gel can be used to eliminate stretch marks too by applying directly to the affected areas. It also helps in boosting up skin reproduction. Aloe Vera gel has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent,  and antiseptic properties. 

Aloe Vera is rich in antifungal and antiviral properties that cure dandruff in a short period. The healing properties of Aloe Vera are used on cracked heels and moisturize your feet and make them crack-free all throughout the year. During winters, you can even add Aloe Vera gel mixed with petroleum jelly and can be used as a foot cream. The use of Aloe Vera gel on eyelids is an easy and inexpensive way to tame your eyebrows and eyelids. Dip a Q-tip in Aloe Vera gel and apply it to your eyebrows and eyelids. By doing so, it holds the eyelid and hairs without giving a  greasy look and also presents stunning eyelashes. 

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Despite the vast variation in the climatic conditions of India, there is numerous best Aloe Vera gel for hair in India available in both online and offline markets. The type of the best Aloe Vera gel for hair includes the required amount of components as needed for the respective type of hair.  Proper analysis of the hair is very essential before choosing the right product that would be very effective after using it. The application of best Aloe Vera gel for hair should be as instructed in the manual to avoid any skin allergies in later stages. 


Summer is very common in India. Especially the southern regions of the country experience very high temperatures during the second quarter of every year. When the ultra-violet radiation (UV  rays) from the sun directly gets in contact with the skin or hair, it affects the tissues and provides an oily layer. This intense high temperature can easily make the skin and hair dehydrated.

The best pure Aloe Vera gel for hair in summer should withstand the extreme heat condition so that it is not absorbed by the sun within a few hours of application. The best pure Aloe Vera gel for summer in India should keep the skin and hair well hydrated throughout the day. One of the common challenges among the people during summer is sweat. This creates an uncomfortable environment wherever we go and whatever we do. The usage of the best pure Aloe Vera gel can prevent us from getting a strange smell even during a heavy sweat. It gives a pleasant fragrance around you which is very much needed in case of meeting in groups. It is available in very compact and handy packing which can be carried over to all places and can be used at any time. 

To create Aloe Vera gel as a skin toner, mix 1 part Aloe Vera gel with 2 parts of water. Store it in a clean airtight bottle. For the best cooling and soothing effect, you can store the toner in the refrigerator and apply it all over your face as a toner. 


1. Can Aloe Vera cure acne? 

Yes, Aloe Vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties which can eliminate acne and even  eradicates the inflammation or redness caused by acne 

1. What can be mixed with Aloe Vera for the face? 

Aloe Vera gives you a better result when mixed with a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey,  and a few drops of rose water. Mix them well until you get a paste. 

1. Will Aloe Vera darken the skin? 

No, Aloe Vera will not make your skin darker; instead, it helps to get rid of hyper-pigmentation and provide you a clear completion. 

1. Can we apply Aloe Vera gel to the face daily? 

Yes, on regular usage it treats acne, acne scars, and stretch marks. It improves your skin  hydration and keeps your skin glowing 

1. Can Aloe Vera regrow lost hair? 

Aloe Vera gel is packed with proteolytic enzymes that treat and repair damaged cells that are present in the scalp. Obviously, this improves the healthiness of hair follicles and intensively boosts hair growth.

1. Does Aloe Vera gel tighten skin? 

Yes, Aloe Vera works well on the skin to treat sunburn, tightens the skin and it is the best natural moisturizer. On regular usage of Aloe Vera gel, it greatly reduces the saggy skin and rejuvenates it. 

1. Do I need body lotion for oily skin? 

Oily skin may occur due to excess secretion of Sebum which is very dangerous and might cause dark spots. Hence, the level of oils on our skin should be maintained at the correct level by the use of specific body lotions.