Best moisturizing soap for dry skin


Impact of today’s world on human skin 

Many pieces of researches have proved that usage of the best moisturizing soap for dry skin can help a lot to get rid of it. Skin is one of the major parts of the regions that our bodies have in nature. It plays a vital role to protect our internal organs from external factors when we work or move around somewhere in our day-to-day lives. So we have to be very careful in protecting our skin to lead a healthy lifestyle. Always we have to treat our skin in the right way and do our best to keep it well protected. 

Unfortunately, most of us fail to take care of our skin in our busy lives of today’s world. We are pushed to expose our skin to the outer atmospheres for various reasons. Besides, the level of heat produced by the sun goes on increasing day by day. This leads to a lot of side effects on the skin when someone is exposed to sunlight. The cells under our skin get easily damaged due to the intense ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) that impacts directly from the sun. 


Dry skin very often occurs for both men and women of all ages. Our skin naturally produces water content and skin oil (commonly known as Sebum). This oil secretion varies from one person to the other depending upon their nature of the skin tone. Dry skins occur most probably during the winter seasons when there is no enough amount of sebum that is secreted. There are a variety of symptoms for dry skin which include itching, flaky skin appearance, dehydration, lines or cracks on the skin, redness, tiredness or skin irritation, and even minute bleeds from few cracks. 


Dry skin can also be caused due to genetic factors and can develop by low-temperature climatic conditions. Many pieces of researches have proved that usage of the best moisturizing soap for dry skin can help a lot to get rid of it. The best moisturizing soap for dry skin should contain its ingredients as glycerin for moisturizing effect, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and other essential oils which contain nutrients to add more medicinal benefits for your skin. There is numerous range of moisturizing soaps are available in both online as well as offline markets, but make sure to choose the right product that suits your skin.


Benefits of using best moisturizing soap for dry skin 

∙ Prevents our skin from early signs of aging, redness, puffiness, and acne ∙ Acts as a cleanser for your face skin 

∙ Helps to block out any unwanted dirt or harmful bacteria 

∙ Oily skin related problems can be easily solved by controlling the  production of oil content on the skin 

∙ Balances the pH level on our skin to kill or eliminate harmful bacteria and  debris 

∙ Helps to completely evade the acne scars present on our skin ∙ Removes wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin related problems and makes  the skin to blemish and glow better 


Face skin is one of the sensitive areas of our body. The soaps or cleansers used for face wash should be harmless and added with very few chemicals. The best moisturizing soap for face should include its ingredients which are 100% natural and organic for long term use. It should also add more medicinal benefits to serve healthy face skin with no side effects or allergies in later stages. 

We often get acne on our face skin due to the improper level of secretion of sebum. These acne spots will get cured by itself when we use a normal soap;  however, the leftovers of acne remain as scars that can be completely removed by the use of best moisturizing soap for face. 


It is very easy to prepare a good, healthy, scent-free, and natural homemade soap recipe in a few hours. Most of the skincare products might include added fragrance, preservatives, or harmful and harsh chemicals that are dangerous to our skin. To avoid these problems, we have a specific methodology to prepare a  homemade soap recipe with the help of very simple ingredients. Please follow the  below step-by-step procedures to complete the homemade soap recipe  successfully:


∙ Almond oil (80 grams) 

∙ Coconut oil (80 grams) 

∙ Cocoa butter (80 grams)  

∙ Olive oil (115 grams) 

∙ Rice bran oil (400 grams) 

∙ Lye crystals (110 grams) 

∙ Shea butter (70 grams) 

∙ Distilled water (250 ml) 

Step 1

Place all the above ingredients in a container and make them boil at fairly low melting points (between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the ingredients are melted, simmer at approximately 43 degrees Celsius. 

Step 2

Allow some fats or oils to heat and blend with the ingredients and make sure to stir well the mixture. The mixture easily turns to a thick texture. Continue stirring the mixture until it comes to a state of liquid that will be suitable to pour. 

Step 3

Select a soap mold of your own choice in which you might need the soap to look like. Gently pour the mixture into the mold and wrap up the mold along with the mixture in a towel to cool gradually. 

Step 4

Allow the soap for the curing process that might take around 24 hours to set. It is then gently removed from the mold and cut into the required number of bars.  

Step 5

Don’t forget to wear gloves as the curing process is not yet complete. Various alphabets in the form of stamps or wood cuttings can be made ready for stamping over the soap at normal room temperature.

Finally, the best moisturizing soap bar is ready to use and can be packed with a  tight wrapper for future use. This process of making homemade soap recipes is very common nowadays and a wide range of people around the world are making use of it. One of the greatest advantages of using a homemade soap is to maintain a safe and secure skin tone at all times. 


The extra cleansing properties of moisturizing soaps might irritate the skin for babies as they are more sensitive. So we have to choose the moisturizing soap that is more with 100% olive oil or bastille soap and other natural as well as essential oils. You can add a mild essential oil blend of lavender for better fragrance. Also, the quantity of soap needs to be used as instructed in the labels of the products. If more amount of soap is being used for a baby, it may cause serious side effects and unwanted allergy symptoms in later stages. It is always recommended to use the best moisturizing soap for baby which are blended with completely natural and organic components rather than adding more harsh and harmful chemicals that may affect the sensitive skin of babies. 


India is equipped with all types of climatic conditions. Also, the skin type of  Indians varies from one region to the other. The best moisturizing soap in India should possess the characteristics to withstand both the extreme conditions of winter as well as summer. The moisturizing soap should contain the properties to last long even in extremely hot conditions to maintain the moisture content of the body. Also, the skin becomes dry during the winter seasons due to the cold air and makes the existing oil content to be absorbed by the body itself which results in flaky skin appearance. The best moisturizing soap in India should be able to maintain the moisture content of our bodies for both summer and winter seasons.

1. What are the advantages of homemade soap over the store product? 

Store-based products are generally prepared by adding detergents and other chemical components to preserve it for a longer time until it is sold; however, the homemade soaps are chemical-free that has no side effects or allegories even after long term use. 

2. How long will a handmade soap last? 

A bar of handmade soap can last around 3-4 weeks depending upon the size of  the product that we manufacture. 

3. What is the use of lye in a handmade soap? 

It is a simple binding agent used in the making of most of the skincare products.  On a safer side, the lye will completely evaporate by the time the soap completes  its curing process. 

4. How can I make my moisturizing soap to last longer? 

Always allow the moisturizing soap to dry well between consecutive uses. Use a  proper soap dish which makes the soap bar lift and provide a sufficient amount of  air to flow beneath and let the water left-outs to drain easily. 

5. Are the moisturizing soap "Tearless"? 

It depends upon the ingredients in the manufacturing of moisturizing soaps. It is  always better to take care that the soap doesn’t get into our eyes.