Hair wash is not needed often; however, we have to take hair baths at regular time intervals to get rid of dandruff which might lead to hair fall. Dermatologists have recommended the usage of the best shampoo and conditioner for men dandruff can reduce the hair fall to a greater extent. 

A hair conditioner is one of the main hair care products that is used to enhance the quality, manageability, and look of your hair. It mainly reduces the friction between hairs to make it easy for brushing or combing. If you find difficulty in brushing or combing your hair, it might cause severe damage to the scalp which leads to heavy hair fall and stands as a hindrance for healthy hair growth. It also serves various other purposes like hair repairing, softening, smoothening, tangle-free, protective layer, frizz prevention, and so on. 

Generally, conditioners are widely available in various forms like viscous liquids,  creams, jelly liquid, thin lotions, and sprays. Always follow the methodology of applying conditioner after the hair is washed with shampoo. There are various types of conditioners and can be of different methods of usage like washing the conditioner in a short time or later or left in. 

We all know about the shampoo. Let's have a glance at CONDITIONER! 

Benefits of Conditioner

∙ Reduces the friction between hair strands and paves way for easy combing  or brushing of hair 

∙ Retains the color benefits for colored hair 

∙ Minimizes dandruff and prevents hair fall 

∙ Makes the hair softer 

∙ Provides tangle-free hair 

∙ Prevents from damage and breakage of hair 

∙ Helps to retain moisture content and evades dryness of hair 

∙ Shines the hair and lets it frizzy-free for a long time 

∙ Acts as an enhancer for the overall quality and beauty of hair 


Hair growth is one of the main factors to be considered in a human’s lifestyle. In the olden days, people used to intake the required amount of proteins or the essential nutrients from natural food habits. Nowadays, the majority of us face serious issues with a lack of hair growth. Acidifiers or acidity regulators will be 

added as ingredients to conditioners to maintain the pH at about 3.5. This strengthens the hair follicles and provides sound hair growth. Smooth and healthy hair growth will enhance the appearance of a person to make them look younger.  The best shampoo and conditioner for men

hair smoothening will make the hair free from frizz and tangles to give a smooth and shiny look for a long time. Depending upon the type of conditioner, it can also be used as a hair oil to maintain healthy and strong growth. 


Most of the people are facing the state of dry hair due to the lack of essential nutrients or exposure to excessive ultraviolet radiations (UV rays from sunlight).  We also have the habit of spending time at swimming pools where our hair gets in contact with chlorinated water. Also, dry hair can be easily gained by the usage of styling cosmetics or harsh hair styling products. Washing our hair often and regular usage of blowers for drying your hair after wash can also lead to dry hair.  All such dry hair related problems can be solved by the use of specialized shampoo and conditioners.  

Certain shampoo and conditioners are specially formulated to get rid of dry hair.  They include oils with all essential fatty acids that can help dry or porous hair become soft and shiny. The nature of our scalp produces natural oil also known as  Sebum. Essential fatty acids are almost equivalent to naturally obtained Sebum from our scalp.  


In the current scenario of this world, several factors affect the healthy hair growth. Stress is one among them by which the tendency of hair to grow normally gets reduced by dead cells. Dryness is also one of the major causes of damage or breakage of hair. Washing your hair should be limited to the conditions as mentioned in the shampoo and conditioner to prevent damaged hair. The drying process for hair is very important when we step out of the hair bath. The rubbing motion of the towel on our hair should be soft and smooth in such a way that the roots of the hair don’t lose its strength.

The best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair should include zinc, iron,  folic acid extracts, amphoteric, and cationic surfactants as ingredients to get rid of breakage or damaged hairs.  


Nowadays, hair fall has become very common among all ages of men and women.  The medical term for hair loss for both men and women is commonly referred to as androgenic alopecia. Hereditary habits can also be one of the main reasons for hair loss. Some of the people might have inherited genes that lead the hair to shrink and slows down the speed of hair growth. Age comes as the next factor for hair fall as the roots and scalp of the hair gets weak when years pass by. Another general cause for hair fall is hormonal imbalance. Due to the unhealthy food habits in recent years, people face the issue of hormonal imbalance which may result in a heavy hair loss. 



Frizz is an important term that needs to be taken care of in a skincare routine.  Frizz normally occurs due to the missing moisture content in hair. The moisture content of hair might vary depending upon various external factors like climatic conditions, exposure to sunlight, dryness, etc. Having both for hair or body with extremely hot water might feel good; but there is no use of it. It paves way for frizzy hair as a result. We should be very careful while handling the hairstyling equipment like a blower that provides dryness for hair after a long term use. Curly hairs are more prone to frizz and hence the people with curly hair by nature should take proper measures and remedies to get rid of frizzy hair. It is better to  use the best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair to maintain healthy and sound hair growth. 


Men are usually not bothered and do not care about their hair until they face any serious issue regarding it. The climatic condition of India will lead to many problems for men’s hair like hair fall, dandruff, hair breakage, hair damage,  dryness, frizzy hair, curly hair, etc. It is much better to use the best shampoo and conditioner at the beginning stage itself rather than facing any complicated problems in later stages. There are numerous best shampoo and conditioner for men available in both online and offline markets which are very useful to handle all kinds of hair problems for men. 

It is always recommended to use conditioner and shampoo which has natural ingredients to avoid any side effects or allegories after regular usage. 


1. How many times of hair wash is required per week? 

For normal hair, it is more than enough to take hair wash once a week. For greasy hair, we may need to take hair wash on alternate days. 

2. What is the importance of hair conditioners? 

A normal hair wash with shampoo will clean the scalp but it leaves dryness for hair which is not suitable for healthy hair growth. Also, the enhancing properties like smoothening, shining, frizz-free, tangle-free, and others can be gained only by the use of the best hair conditioners. 

3. What causes dry scalp and dandruff? 

Exposure to sunlight, usage of towels roughly on the scalp, improper use of hairstyling equipment are the main causes of dry scalp. Dry scalp is the major cause of dandruff. 

4. How can we avoid split ends? 

Certain nourishing conditioners have been formulated to get rid of split ends which in turn seals the hair follicles. Avoid using excess heat-producing equipment that damages your hair and lead to split ends.

5. How can we get rid of dandruff? 

Usage of anti-dandruff shampoo is much recommended to get rid of dandruff.  The dead skin cells can be easily evaded by using baking soda and it balances pH levels on the hair follicles. 

6. Does the use of conditioners cause harm to hair? 

Unless and until the conditioner is completely made up of natural ingredients, it can never be harmful to hair.