We as humans improve in all aspects along with aging; however, our skin is not one among those aspects. Nowadays, people are facing numerous issues and problems with their skins as and when years pass-by with their ages. As we get older, our skin experiences several changes due to several factors like food,  lifestyle, hereditary, and other unwanted activities.  

A few common problems include wrinkles, dark spots, dark skin, dullness, dry and itchy skin, bedsores, and so on. Exposing our skin to sunlight is one of the main causes of our skin damage. Due to the direct impact of Ultraviolet radiation (UV  rays) from the sun, it breaks down some important issues of the skin which leads to stretch, wrinkle, and even paves way for the development of cancer cells. To overcome the above-said problems, many dermatologists have recommended the usage of the best serum for skin brightening. 

How does skin brightening serums works? 

It basically works on three important mechanisms by which it brightens the skin and evens the skin tone to result in a natural dewy glow. It reduces the flaws and provides a radiant complexion. 

Exfoliation: This effect is very much needed when skin becomes rough and uneven which are mainly caused due to the existence of dead skin cells on your skin which may lead to dark spots. The process of removing these dead skin cells from our skin is commonly referred to as the “Exfoliating effect”. The best skin brightening serum for dark spots or dark skin adds alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acid or lactic acid to serve the purpose well for an exfoliating effect.

Prohibition of Melanin: Melanin is a type of pigment that naturally gives color to our skin. If we need a brighter skin, it is essential to reduce the formation of melanin synthesis. This can be easily reduced by the inclusions of Arbutin, Glutathione, and different forms of vitamin C in the ingredients of the best serum for skin lightening. The antioxidant properties block the formation of pigments that initiates the melanin production thus resulting in the usage of the best serum for glowing skin. Thus the best brightening serum for dull skin should control the production of melanin to overcome the uneven skin tone. 

Protection from UV rays: When our skin directly comes in contact with sun rays, the tissues get damaged, and hence overcome this problem, many of  the brightening serums have come up with the formulation to prevent future pigmentation. 



The type of skin might vary from person to person and each one is denoted by a  specific category. The serums used for sensitive skin should contain most of the natural elements included as ingredients rather than harmful or artificial chemicals. The natural ingredients used in the serum makes it the best brightening serum for sensitive skin and shouldn’t cause any irritation or side effects. Some of the common allegories that sensitive skin may come across are redness, dullness, itchy skin, rashes, dark spots, pigmentation, blemishes, and so on. 


Melanin is a type of pigment that enhances the color of our skin. This secretion of  Melanin when goes in excess can create dark spots and causes skin-related diseases. Another important factor is the direct exposure of skin to sunlight. It is always required for our body to secrete very less amount of melanin to get lighter skin. The best brightening serum for black skin should contain ingredients like  Arbutin, Glutathione, and different forms of vitamin C in order to get rid of excess secretion of melanin. Also, the best brightening serum for dark skin shouldn’t be very harsh which affects the outer layer of skin that may even lead to cancer. 


Every one of us will have some content of oil in our skin. The pores of the skin have its root as a sebaceous gland that secretes natural oils called sebum. This 

aids our skin to maintain healthiness and keeps hydrated all time. For some people, the sebaceous gland secretes oil in excess which is more than the normally required quantity which in turn provides an oily skin. Oily skin will give a  greasy look which might require cleansing if often. There are various causes for a  person to have oily skin which are very natural like Genetics, Age, the place in which we live and the time of year, the type of pores (enlarged), usage of incorrect cosmetics, improper method of a skincare routine, not using a  moisturizer, and so on. The best brightening serum for oily skin should tackle all the above-said factors to keep your skin healthy and hydrated for a long time.  There are also a few types of best face brightening serum for oily skin that will be very useful for face skins. The best brightening serum for acne-prone skin should contain the salicylic acids as one of its ingredients to remove acne. It is very essential for the best brightening serum for dry skin to include hyaluronic and natural extracts of vitamin c to maintain its moisture content. Always choose the best brightening serum for Indian skin that will be more suitable for oily skin due to the climatic conditions of our country. Since the majority of Indians are brown in color, the best brightening serum for brown skin should lighten the skin tone to make the people look fair. They’re also a few types of very specialized and best serum for brightening and glowing skin that are available in the markets. The best brightening serum for mature skin will slow down the process of aging thus making the user look younger than ever. 


The usage of skin serums has spread around the world and the future demand for this product has also increased drastically. Depending upon the climatic conditions of each county the skin tone of the people for each country varies respectively. Therefore, the best brightening serum for uneven skin tone should be used regularly to maintain a healthy and hydrated skin forever. Some people might have combination skin for which we have to use the best brightening serum for combination skin that will be suitable for all kinds of skin tones. 

The Asian skins are the main victims of many skin related issues like wrinkles, dark spots, dark skin, dullness, dry and itchy skin, bedsores, and so on. Hence it is always recommended to carefully choose the correct and best brightening serum for Asian skin. The usage of skin-brightening serum had come across various  countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, Korea, 

Nigeria, South Africa, and a few other countries. The best brightening serum for aging skin will slow the process of aging thus resulting in the user with a younger look than ever. The best natural serum for skin brightening will never cause any harmful or side effects to our skin thus maintaining its healthiness and keeps hydrated. 


We can even make skin brightening serums at our homes which are very simple and easy as follows. 

Take some distilled water in a cup and make sure it is very pure and free from contaminants such as chlorine. 

Mix Dulse Flakes in that water to form a viscous gel. 

Add a few Rosehips which is rich in vitamin C helps to brighten and smoothen the skin. 

We can also add orange peel powder as another source of vitamin C. The addition of Aloe will provide hydrating benefits to our skin brightening serum. 

Finally, we can add Vegetable glycerin and Rose hydrosol which acts as essential oils for normal skin treatment. 


1. What are wrinkles and how can I get rid of them? 

Wrinkles are very common due to the process of aging and can be cleared-off by the use of the best skin brightening serums.

2. Do I need skin brightening serum for oily skin? 

The oily texture when stays long on our skin may cause dark spots and adds dullness to our skin. Using a skin brightening serum can overcome these problems. 

3. How should I handle sensitive skin? 

The selection of skin brightening serum is very important in the case of sensitive skin. It is preferable to consider the serum which is completely natural with no harmful chemicals or agents. 

4. How can I reduce the secretion of melanin of my skin? 

There are few types of skin brightening serums available in markets that are specially formulated to reduce the production of melanin in our skin. We can opt for any such product to get rid of this problem.