How to remove dark circles at home
How to remove dark circles at home

How to remove dark circles at home

 Remove dark circles at home

The skin around the eyes is very thin and extremely delicate as compared to other parts of the body. Any changes occurring in the deeper layers of the skin will be easily shown on the surface.

Dark circles are a common and natural problem with both men and women in all age groups typically above 16 years. We give you easy home remedies and makeup tricks to hide them and make sure your eyes look fresh and beautiful instantly. In this article, we discussed how to remove dark circles at home with some valuable home remedies.

Common Causes of Dark Circles

1.Allergy to some chemical products, like makeup ingredients, hair dyes, some medicated applications like eye drops, and facial creams

2.RepeatEd actions of rubbing and scratching the delicate skin around the eyes can actually make a cause of brown discolouration around the eye.

  1. For some of the people, the problem of undereye bags and pigmentation around the eyes runs in the family. They reap worse with sun exposure.
  2. Inadequate sleep exacerbates the problem.
  3. Physical and mental stress is a significant killer of healthy glowing skin. Stress can be an important factor that contributes to your eyes looking tired.
  4. Iron deficiency can also cause pigmentation around the eyes.
  5. Smoking develops free radicals in the skin resulting in puffy eyes.


Here we have discussed some remedies which help to remove dark circles at home.


Covering eyes with cucumber slices as a part of their skincare routine helps to reduce dark circles around the eyes but we can fail to understand why. Cucumbers are one of the best and most refreshing ways to reduce the swollen eye-bags and dark circle underneath our eyes. Cut the cucumber into slices and place them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, we can leave them on our dark circles for 10 minutes and wash the eyes with lukewarm water. Try this method two times in a day to feel fresh and to reap an instant result.

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Tomatoes consist of lycopene means a solution that functions like wonders on your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles. To gain the best results, make a mixture of equal parts tomato juice with lemon juice and take some cotton ball to apply it to the under-eye area.  You can wash it off with some warm water after leaving for 10 minutes. Another way can be drinking tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and mint leaves on a regular basis.

Cold Tea Bags

One of the easiest and effective ways to reduce dark circles is by using cold tea bags. Many tea bags can have beneficial antioxidants that can aid in soothing the under-eye area. Before start using it, you must first soak it in the water and then store it in a cool place for a while. After that, you can place it on your eyes for a refreshing effect. Follow this method regularly and witness a considerable change in your appearance.

Rose Water

 A multipurpose skincare solution is rose water that not only helps in rejuvenating skin but also helps to reduce dark circles. To reap the best results, soak some cotton pads in rose water and place them on the dark circles. Leave it them there for 15 minutes after that you can wash them off with cold water and try it every day for best results.

How to remove dark circles naturally

Almond Oil

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and that can help you revive back your skin to get its natural glow. It is one of the easiest and effective routines and you must first apply a little almond oil on your dark circles and then massage gently. Leave it over the night and the next morning wash it off with cold water.

Grated potatoes

Potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C, that brings back the radiance in the skin and works wonders on the dark under-eye circles. To get better results, you must first grate some potatoes and take extract some juice out it. Then soaking cotton pads into the juice, you can place it on the dark circles for 10 minutes. At last, just rinse it with warm water for best results.

Orange Juice

Orange juice combined with glycerin can be a great eye-care supplement. While it consists of  Vitamin A and C, orange juice is not only great for curing dark circles, but it can also revive back your skin to its natural glow.

How to remove dark circles under eyes

Mint Leaves

 Mint leaves are similar to cucumbers, also has invigorating and refreshing qualities, that can give a relaxing feel to your eyes and rid you of the dark circles.  Take some leaves and crush a few mint leaves with water and after forming a paste, apply it on the dark circles. Wash off with cold water after 10 minutes. Try it for a week and experience a refreshing change in the way you look.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

 One of the main reason for dark circles is the lack of sleep that one develops heavy eye-bags and dark circles. Therefore, the easiest and the most natural way to reduce the dark under-eye circles is by treating yourself a nice 8 hours sleep. A good night’s sleep will take away all the discomfort in your body and also replenish your skin.

Yoga and Meditation

Stress can affect both your mental health and your skin. Dark circles are the first signs of stress, which requires serious attention. Yoga and meditation can be a good source of positivity that can not only develop and raise your soul but also reduce the underlying damages it does to your skin, one of them is dark circles.


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