Mango benefits skin
Mango benefits skin

Mango benefits skin

Mango benefits for skin    

Mango is a nutritious fruit packed with healthy nutrients which can help to maintain your skin and overall health. Vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants in mango can help you secure premature ageing and prevent your skin from sun damage. You could apply mango butter to your skin as a substitute for cocoa butter One cup of mango consists of 67% of your daily vitamin C and more than 8% of your copper, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and Vitamin E.  Eating mango in your regular diet is a good way to help your skin health. The high vitamin C factor helps to manage your body’s natural collagen creation. The high antioxidant content supports to prevent sun damage and premature ageing.

Mangoes are capable to hydrate your skin when applied topically. Mango oil, butter and extract are becoming increasingly more famous in skincare products. Potential mango benefits for skin  Mango is packed with a type of antioxidant called mangiferin that may aid to protect your body from cellular damage. It’s also a good factor of the following vitamins, which all act as antioxidants in your body:

  1. vitamin E
  2. vitamin A
  3. vitamin C


Here are some of the health benefits for skin

  1. Hydrates Skin

Mangoes contain a lot of Antioxidants which are an amazing factor in holding the skin nourished. Potassium and Vitamin E act alongside each other to manage cells hydrated to moisturize the skin.

  1. Develop Skin Tone

 Antioxidants also work to improve skin tone. Especially by functioning together to soothe and smooth blemishes and patchy areas. 


  1. Healthy Skin


Mangoes consists of an amazing array of beneficial elements for our skin From Vitamins to Minerals to Antioxidants. When you applied topically to the skin, as part of your skincare regimen, they all work together for healthier, brighter and softer feeling skin! 


  1. Prevents Acne Breakouts

 Mango juice  Contain Vitamin C, which works to decrease inflammation caused by acne, and Magnesium.  And which also helps to reduce oily skin, mangoes are packed with cleansing astringent factors. This is a must-have active ingredient to add to your daily skincare preparation. 


  1. Increase the immune System

Mangoes also help to support a healthy immune system when it applied topically to the skin. It does this by Powerful the skin and functioning directly on problem spots.  Eating mango also help to double the health benefits!


  1. Soothes Skin


Mangiferin is one of the powerful antioxidants which is found in the seed, skin, and kernel of a mango. The Antioxidant acts to help ease inflammation produced by skin conditions like acne or rosacea. At Raw Sugar, our ColdPressed Technology enhances that we extract the goodness from the Whole fruit, not just certain parts of it. 


  1. Develop Collagen Production


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and it acts to develop skin elasticity, along with other functions. The Vitamin A found in mangoes may work to diminish fine lines by stimulating collagen production. Mangoes are the perfect anti-wrinkle buster

  1. Brightens Skin


 Mangoes provide a very rich vitamin A into your skin that works to reduce dark spots and makes your skin with a healthy glow.


  1. Reduces Sun Damage


Although the mango’s sun prevention contents do not equate to sunscreen, the heavy source of Vitamin C works to decrease the damage induced by the sun’s UV rays. This functions by preventing your skin against free radicals. 

  1. Softens Skin


 Mango’s Antioxidant helps  Working to deeply moisturize the skin while developing skin cell repair, there’s a reason mango is our hero ingredient in our Raw Coconut + Mango formulation!

Health benefits of Mango Juice

Mango is used for skin health

 You can consume mango oil or extract for a more concentrated dose of the key nutrient along with eating mango You could also apply mango directly to your skin using in the form of mango butter or by adding mango to a face mask. However, most of the people enjoy the fruity smell and claim that it helps to moisturize their skin.

Mango butter for dry skin

There’s a limited amount of research studied about the benefits of mango butter. Therefore, mango butter and cocoa butter have very similar fat profiles and physical properties. Using mango butter to your skin has the potential to form a protective barrier that supports your skin retain moisture.

Avoid mango butter for acne

Some people suggest that mango butter can help reduce acne. Therefore, there’s no proof that this is the case. It is also capable to clog your pores and make acne worse because of its rich fat content.

Mango extract and mango oil for skin health

Mango extract and mango oil actually come from the skin, kernel, or leaves of mangoes. They’re often utilized in cosmetics and sunscreen for their high concentration of:

  1. antioxidants
  2. selenium
  3. copper
  4. zinc

Mango extracts have a concentrated form of the antioxidant mangiferin that may contain anti-cancerous and anti-ageing benefits.

Precautions for using mangoes for your skin

Using mango on your skin is actually safe as long as you use mango products. You should never have mango products that are only meant to be used on your skin. Some people may experience an allergic response when they touch mangoes. So make sure before using mango for your skin.

Mango skins consist of a chemical called urushiol which is also found in poison ivy and poison oak. Contact with this chemical can create a rash in some people.


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